TiVo Demo Video


TiVo hired Razorfish to create a Flash demo (remember those?) of TiVo and it’s many features, that would be featured on their website home page and help sections.  The demo player would show a 3 minute video that described the features and would link to additional demo videos that would go more into a more indepth explanation.


The entire team worked very collaboratively with the TiVo clients both in Seattle and San Jose.  As the ux lead for the effort, I was responsible for gathering customer data, creating personas, creating the demo player ux and information architecture that would link the various demo vignettes.


The demo was launched and featured on the homepage for several months and saw a high level of engagement at launch.

02_tivoWireframes showing the various states of the demo player.

01_tivoWireframe created for client review showing homepage and demo navigation.

03_tivoWireframe created for client review presentation.

05_tivoWireframe created for client review presentation.

04_tivoScreen from final product as it appeared on the TiVo.com website.