The Gates Notes Redesign


It’s always fun to work on a high profile project like The Gates Notes and in 2013 I was hired by PBJS to help them redesign Bill Gates’ personal blog.  We wanted to really highlight what was important to Bill and his message to his readers so we riffed upon and created lots of template designs that would allow the publishers to tailor the presentation to the content.  Here are just a few of the many template designs we created for consideration.


We mostly just checked out blogs we liked for inspiration and then created dozens of page types to be used for templating and development.  This was a project that primarily leveraged my experience, background and intuition for information design.


Site launched in 2013 and has continued to be iterated upon since launch.

01_tgnSome of the many page template wireframes that were created for the project.

03_tgnA screenshot of the final product not long after relaunch in 2013.

04_tgnA screenshot of the product not long after relaunch in 2013.