REI iPad App


To quickly design and deliver REI’s core shopping experience on the iPad.  For this produce I worked with agency partners and internal agile teams.  My role was user experience research, competitive analysis, IA, UX, prototyping and usability testing.


There was a fairly quick turnaround time for the UX portion of the project to allow development and testing to get started.  We began with a thorough evaluation of other retail iPad apps and looked at some usage data from the iPhone app customers.  We quickly went into whiteboarding out the primary sections, developed a navigation system that leveraged existing services moving on to wireframing and prototypes, usability testing as we went along.


App launched in 2014 gaining an average of 4+ star reviews in the app store and continues to perform well.

Working wireframe document.

09_ipadWireframe exploration of browse navigation.

08_ipadEarly comp created by visual design for testing navigation.

05_ipadWhiteboard sketch for find in store feature.  It’s best to collaborate and iterate this way first!

04_ipadWireframe of Find in Store feature used to write user stories for development.

06_ipadDesigned version of Find in Store feature used for testing and development.

03_ipadOne of many wireframes created for checkout and cart functionality.  These were primarily used to spec development and test with users.

02_ipadEarly version of checkout and cart created by design to use for testing and development.

01_ipadScreen shot of the app home page from November 2014.