REI Store Inventory Visibility


Store inventory visibility was added to the website to allow customers to see product availability for items that are in store but may not be available online.  This was a large effort that touched almost every division at REI and required improvements in inventory accuracy, store procedures and training for store associates and call center support.  Showing inventory visibility was the first step in giving customers the ability to find and purchase product regardless of location or channel.


My part in the project kicked off with a thorough audit of competitors that were providing better inventory information and shopping options.  After consultations with BI team members to understand how inventory flows through the supply chain I then met with customer insights to get data on how customers purchased across channels.  I then began wireframes and prototypes to test with REI customers.  We iterated several times on the presentation of inventory status.  Additional iterations have been done on the feature as it has continues to be a valuable shopping tool for REI customers.


The success of the feature resulted in over 17 million in annualized revenue for stores due to the increase traffic.

  • A healthy 85% of site survey respondents were highly satisfied with the ease of using SIV.
  • 78% of site survey respondents found retail availability for at least one SIV item.
  • 86% of site survey respondents indicated they were likely to use SIV on their next visit to

01_sivEarly prototype (Axure) that was used to usability test with REI customers.

02_sivAfter some design iteration, this version was prototyped and brought into stores to test with users.


Feature (find in store) show on a product page.  Lots of iterations and testing went into the naming and placement of the feature.

03_sivA later iteration of the find in store feature that was able to leverage user’s IP for location.