HTC Site Redesign


In late 2009 as part of a global brand refresh, HTC hired HL2 to redesign their US web site. As ux director I led a team of ux architects, content strategy and information architecture through all phases of work including community strategy to function design.


The work kicked off with several collaborative workshops with HTC team members to get an indepth understanding of their customer segmentation, analytics and technical requirements.  We then conducted a feature audit of competitors as well as in store customer interviews of prospective buyers (AT&T and Verizon).  An extensive content audit was done to evaluate community content, device support content to create a content strategy framework that would be used for the new site.  We then iterated on site navigation, key user flows and personas  and  several rounds testing were done with both the HTC client and representative customers before launching into ux design where a ux designer created the final wirframes and annotated specifications.


The site launched along with the brand refresh in late 2009 and was so successful that they used our work as the foundation for the rest of the HTC global sites.

A screen from a client presentation that reviewed the existing HTC US site.

08_htcA screen from a client presentation of a competitive audit.

01_htcA screen from a client presentation overviewing site navigation and information architecture.

07_htcA screen from a client presentation of a persona flow through the site.

10_htcScreen from client presentation on persona flows through the site.

09_htcWireframe created for development and design of the redesigned site.

05_htcEarly design comp from wireframed used for design testing and validation.

02_htcWireframe made for homepage used for development and design.

03_htcHomepage design used for design validation and testing.