AAA Travel Research


AAA is a well established national brand that was lagging in the online travel space.  Razorfish was asked to help them envision how to make current systems more relevant to a new and existing customers by creating and testing prototypes with real AAA customers.


As the ux lead for the effort I led several client workshops and interviews at their headquarters in Florida.  We gathered customer research, system architecture details and executive direction before heading back to Seattle to begin wireframing and prototyping.  Back in Seattle I identified AAA members that had used their travel services in the past and conducted several remote interviews.  We (myself and a ux architect) did a deep dive analysis of features, functionality, design and usability of the major travel competitors that would be used to inform upcoming wireframes and prototypes.  Remote testing was used to validate our approach to site structure, features and usability.


Prototypes tested very well and much of the functionality was incorporated into their national travel offerings over the next few years.

01_aaaScreens from competitive feature audit and comparison that was shared with AAA client.

02_aaaA wireframe and annotations created to explain the various calendar functions available in flight search.

03_aaaWireframe created for client presentation illustrating a number of controls and modals that the customer would interact with.

04_aaaScreenshot of remote user testing of prototype.  The tool shown was a remote testing site called The Mind Share.